Jaguar Land Rover Immersion Program

Jaguar Land Rover
Adelaide and South Australia

Luxury, Luxury, Luxury!

The JLR Immersion Program centred on what it means to be a contemporary luxury brand. Spanning four days with a cohort of 90 attendees (two day rotations of 45 guests per rotation), this specialized training aimed at enhancing the skill sets of JLR Dealer Principals, General Managers, Sales, and Service Managers. Held across diverse locations in Adelaide, including the IOS SkyCity Hotel, Beresford Estate in McLaren Vale, and the Oval Hotel, this event provided a multifaceted and luxurious experience for guests.

The core objective was to equip participants with insights into embodying a globally resonant brand in a dynamically evolving modern landscape. No stone was left unturned when it came to attention to detail and providing a luxury experience for delegates. From a premium rooftop cocktail function on the first night, to private chauffer transfers to conference and a curated tasting based on guest selection, every step of the guest journey was carefully thought-out.

The Peanut team put themselves in the delegates shoes through the lens of modern luxury to better understand how delegates can benefit throughout the program. The approach provides the experience for our staff to be continually better equipped to improve on what has already been hailed a success.

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