Our Services

Our Expertise

Peanut Productions create a memorable journey for your business, ensuring that all event and production elements are connected to your brand and effectively deliver on your key messages and outcomes.We provide professional, seamless, end-to-end project management, creative design, budgeting and risk control; ensuring your team is confident they are in expert hands.

Event Management

End to End Event Management service that is unique, ground-breaking and award-winning.

Our events connect and engage with an audience both creatively and strategically while always keeping in mind our partners’ core objectives. We do this by creating authentic connections, which we call emotive brand awareness.

Video Content Production

Our video content production is powerful, emotive and succinct. With our entirely in-house production team, from filming and editing through to the finished product, we specialise in content that creates strong emotive connections with brands and people.

Experiential Marketing Activations

We take our partner’s brands and products and enhance them through experiences.  In the public domain, by establishing engaging experiential activations that are interactive, attention-grabbing, and, if required, media-worthy.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Experience the future of events with our dynamic and engaging Virtual and Hybrid Event solutions. Through our customised platforms, we create bespoke virtual environments for our clients and their guests that are dynamic and engaging. These platforms can either be stand-alone or complement face-to-face events, taking your event beyond geographical boundaries.

Other Services

Peanut Productions can also arrange group travel, handling logistics like transportation, flights, accommodation, and itinerary planning. We offer customised gift boxes and high-quality products, reinforcing appreciation and creating lasting memories.