Internal Strategy Conference

Dow Chemical
Internal Strategy Conference

Think, Collaborate And Innovate International Conference


The Dow Think Innovate Collaborate event was designed to bolster employee knowledge, confidence and interaction, leading to greater internal collaboration along with stronger sales and growth. The Peanut team conceptualised and end to end managed the full day of events. Key components of the day included a professionally curated ‘Innovation’ facilitation including workshops which engaged and challenged attendees to think outside the box. Additionally, a safety focused keynote was provided by Captain David Evans, a remarkable man who helped save the lives of over 400 passengers on a Qantas’ A380 flight over Singapore and mind reading entertainment delivered by the very engaging Anthony Laye.

Notably, our team oversaw and managed a multi-cam, live video cross with Dow’s US Head Office where the company’s key R & D leaders took our local team on a global journey of the company’s newest innovations and international best practice. It was a seamless interaction between Australia and their US counterparts enabling real time discussion, questions and collaboration across the Pacific.

Post event we worked on a number of video packages that captured all the key elements of the event that was shared within the organisations global intranet.

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