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As a two-time winner of ‘Australian Best Virtual Event’, Peanut Productions is the ideal choice for a virtual and hybrid event production agency due to our diverse solutions tailored to your business goals. Whether it’s a traditional virtual livestream, an avatar-based platform, a hybrid event solution, or a fully immersive event solution, we have the expertise to provide the perfect fit. We create proposals that effectively leverage these virtual event solutions.

Our experience and research have proven that these products offer a powerful foundation for building dynamic and engaging virtual events. With Peanut Productions, you can elevate your virtual event experience and connect with your audience in impactful and meaningful ways.

Our Service Offerings

Our Award History

Let us make your event unique, dynamic and engaging. Our fully immersive event solutions is why Peanut won two consecutive ‘Best Virtual Event’ awards at the Australian Events Awards.

We have been bringing people together with events; however, the onset of COVID-19 made us re-imagined what ‘coming together’ looks like.

We have watched our partners and customers retreat from almost all external activity to focus on their business continuity and risk. With our projects for the year cancelled, we put our heads down and focused on how we would re-imagine our service offering under the lens of snap lockdowns and varying iterations of restrictions.

By July 2020, our partners started asking for solutions on communicating and engaging under the new ‘normal’. And we were ready, armed with new and exciting solutions proving to become the future of events.

Our resilience has given birth to this page. We have survived and thrived, exploring new innovations whilst working closely with our team and partners. Everything we have developed to ensure our business partners continue to have powerful and successful event solutions throughout COVID and beyond is right here!

Our Virtual Hybrid Events Projects

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Client Testimonials

Dominiqe Bird
General Manager -
White Box Enterprise
Event - Social Enterprise World Forum
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The White Box Enterprises team was tasked with managing the Social Enterprise World Forum, a global, hybrid three day conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC). Having very little experience working in this area we brought on board Peanut Productions to help us design a world-class, hybrid event. They were attentive from start-to finish and always transparent about budgeting requirements. The Forum itself turned out better than expected thanks largely due to Peanut’s professionalism, attention to detail and seasoned know-how - we couldn't have done it without them.

Additional Services We Offer

Event Management

End to End Event Management service that is unique, ground-breaking and award-winning.

Our events connect and engage with an audience both creatively and strategically while always keeping in mind our partners’ core objectives. We do this by creating authentic connections, which we call emotive brand awareness.

Video Content Production

Our video content production is powerful, emotive and succinct. With our entirely in-house production team, from filming and editing through to the finished product, we specialise in content that creates strong emotive connections with brands and people.

Experiential Marketing Activations

We take our partner’s brands and products and enhance them through experiences.  In the public domain, by establishing engaging experiential activations that are interactive, attention-grabbing, and, if required, media-worthy.

Other Services

Peanut Productions can also arrange group travel, handling logistics like transportation, flights, accommodation, and itinerary planning. We offer customised gift boxes and high-quality products, reinforcing appreciation and creating lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peanut Productions specializes in managing a wide range of events,

catering to diverse needs and objectives. Some of the types of events we excel in include.

Corporate Events: We handle corporate conferences, seminars, team-building retreats, product launches, and networking events, ensuring seamless organization and successful outcomes.
Social Events: Our expertise extends to managing social gatherings such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and private celebrations, paying attention to every detail to create memorable experiences.
Brand Activations: We excel in designing and executing brand activation events that engage consumers, create brand awareness, and foster meaningful connections between brands and their target audience.
Virtual Events: With the rise of virtual experiences, we specialize in planning and executing virtual events, leveraging innovative technologies to deliver immersive and interactive online experiences.
Content Production: We also offer expertise in content production, creating compelling videos, presentations, and promotional materials that align with the event’s objectives and effectively communicate the brand’s message.

At Peanut Productions, we are adaptable and versatile, tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of each event.

Absolutely! Peanut Productions is committed to providing personalized and customized event experiences. We understand that every event is unique, and we believe in tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements and preferences. When working with us, you have the freedom to customize various aspects of your event, including:

  • Theme and Concept: We can collaborate with you to develop a theme and concept that aligns with your vision and objectives. Whether it’s a specific theme, branding elements, or a particular ambiance, we strive to bring your ideas to life.
  • Event Design and Décor: Our team can work closely with you to design the event layout, décor elements, lighting arrangements, and overall aesthetic, ensuring it reflects your style and desired atmosphere.
  • Entertainment and Activities: We offer a wide range of entertainment options and activities that can be tailored to suit your event. From live performances to interactive experiences, we can customize the entertainment to create a memorable and engaging experience for your guests.
  • Menu and Catering: We collaborate with reputable caterers to create a customized menu that caters to your guests’ dietary preferences and reflects the theme and style of your event.
  • Technology and Production: Whether it’s audiovisual requirements, staging, or technical setups, we can customize the technological aspects of your event to ensure a seamless and impactful experience.


Our goal is to work closely with you, understanding your vision and objectives, and then customizing every aspect of the event to surpass your expectations. With Peanut Productions, you can be confident that your event will be a unique and unforgettable experience tailored specifically to your needs.

Booking an event with Peanut Productions is a straightforward and efficient process. Here is an overview of the steps involved:

  • Initial Consultation: Reach out to Peanut Productions to express your interest in booking an event. We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your event requirements, objectives, preferred dates, budget, and any specific customization requests you may have.
  • Needs Assessment and Proposal: Based on the information gathered during the consultation, our team will conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand your event’s scope and intricacies. We will then create a detailed proposal that outlines our recommended services, deliverables, timelines, and pricing.
  • Contract and Agreement: Upon your acceptance of the proposal, we will provide a contract or agreement that outlines the terms and conditions, including payment terms, cancellation policy, and responsibilities of both parties. Carefully review the contract and seek clarification on any aspects before signing it.
  • Collaboration and Planning: Once the contract is signed, we will begin collaborating closely with you to plan and execute your event. This includes discussing the event concept, design, logistics, entertainment options, catering arrangements, and any other specific requirements. We will provide regular updates and seek your input throughout the planning process.
  • Execution and Event Day: On the event day(s), our dedicated team will handle all the necessary arrangements, overseeing setup, managing vendors, coordinating activities, and ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests.
  • Post-Event Evaluation: After the event concludes, we will conduct a post-event evaluation to gather feedback and assess the overall success of the event. This information helps us continuously improve our services and ensures client satisfaction.


Throughout the entire process, our team will be available to address any questions, concerns, or additional requests you may have. Our aim is to make the booking process as smooth as possible, ensuring your event with Peanut Productions is a resounding success.

Yes, Peanut Productions offers on-site event coordination as part of our comprehensive event management services. We understand the importance of having a dedicated team on-site to ensure the smooth execution of your event and handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Our experienced event coordinators will be present at the venue throughout the event, overseeing all logistical aspects and coordinating with vendors, suppliers, and staff. Their responsibilities include but are not limited too:

  • Setup and Logistics: Our on-site event coordinators will supervise the setup process, ensuring that all elements, including staging, lighting, décor, audiovisual equipment, and signage, are arranged according to the event plan.
  • Vendor Management: They will act as the main point of contact for vendors and suppliers, coordinating their arrival, setup, and any additional requirements they may have. This ensures that all external contributors are aligned and working together seamlessly.
  • Schedule Management: Our coordinators will closely follow the event schedule, ensuring that activities, presentations, performances, and transitions occur as planned and in a timely manner.
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving: In the case of any issues or unforeseen challenges during the event, our coordinators will quickly address them, finding effective solutions and minimizing any disruptions to the event flow.
  • Guest Assistance: Our on-site team will be available to assist and guide guests, answering their questions, providing directions, and ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone attending the event.

Having on-site event coordination from Peanut Productions provides peace of mind, knowing that experienced professionals are overseeing every aspect of your event’s execution. Their presence ensures a seamless and successful event, allowing you to focus on engaging with your guests and enjoying the experience.

Yes, Peanut Productions can definitely assist you with event designing and theming. We understand the importance of creating a visually appealing and cohesive atmosphere that aligns with your event’s objectives and desired ambiance.


Our team of experienced event designers and creative professionals will work closely with you to understand your vision, goals, and preferences. Based on this, we will develop a comprehensive event design plan that includes:

  • Theming and Concept: We will collaborate with you to develop a unique and captivating theme for your event. Whether it’s a specific era, a particular concept, or a branding-focused theme, we will create a cohesive design concept that sets the tone for the event.
  • Décor and Styling: Our team will curate a selection of décor elements, including centerpieces, floral arrangements, furniture, lighting fixtures, props, and linens, to bring the theme to life. We will consider every detail, ensuring that the event space reflects the desired atmosphere and creates a memorable visual impact.
  • Color Palettes and Branding: If applicable, we can incorporate your brand colors and elements seamlessly into the event design. This helps reinforce your brand identity and creates a consistent visual experience for attendees.
  • Signage and Graphics: Our team can design and produce event signage, banners, and graphics that complement the overall theme and provide clear direction and branding throughout the event venue.
  • Venue Layout and Floor Plans: We will create detailed venue layouts and floor plans, considering factors such as seating arrangements, flow of guests, stage or presentation areas, and interactive spaces. This ensures optimal space utilization and a smooth guest experience.


Our expertise in event designing and theming allows us to transform your vision into a visually stunning and cohesive event experience. Whether you have a specific concept in mind or need assistance in developing a theme, Peanut Productions is here to bring your event to life with creativity and attention to detail.

The pricing structure for Peanut Productions’ event management services can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity and scale of the event, the specific services required, the duration of the event, and any customization or additional features requested. As a result, it is best to contact Peanut Productions directly to discuss your event details and receive a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.


During the initial consultation, our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements, objectives, and budget. We will then provide a detailed proposal that outlines the recommended services, deliverables, and associated costs. This proposal will give you a transparent breakdown of the pricing structure and allow you to make an informed decision.


At Peanut Productions, we strive to provide competitive and fair pricing for our event management services while ensuring high-quality standards and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver value by tailoring our services to meet your unique requirements and create memorable experiences within your budgetary constraints.

Please reach out to Peanut Productions to discuss your event in detail and receive a personalized quote that takes into account the specific parameters of your event. Our team will be delighted to assist you and provide the necessary information regarding pricing and services.

We are meticulous about keeping track of everything we need to spend money on. This is done by constant monitoring and updating spreadsheets, knowing where to prioritise spending and keeping aside a budget to cater for emergency contingencies.

Peanut Productions operates across all states in Australia. We also have the capacity to run events internationally.

Yes, Peanut Productions offers event marketing and promotion services to help maximize the visibility, reach, and success of your event. We understand that effective marketing and promotion play a crucial role in attracting attendees, generating buzz, and creating a memorable experience for your target audience.

Our event marketing and promotion services may include but are not limited too:

  • Branding and Messaging: We can assist in developing a compelling event brand, logo, and messaging that resonate with your target audience. This helps create a consistent and memorable identity for your event.
  • Event Collateral and Materials: Our team can design and produce various promotional materials, such as brochures, flyers, banners, and digital assets, to effectively communicate the event’s key messages and create anticipation.


Our goal is to leverage various marketing and promotion channels to generate excitement, drive attendance, and create a buzz around your event. By partnering with Peanut Productions for event management, you can benefit from our integrated approach that combines event planning, execution, and marketing to deliver a comprehensive and impactful event experience.


Peanut Productions employs several strategies and practices to ensure the success of an event. Here are some key approaches we follow:

  • Comprehensive Planning: We start by conducting detailed planning sessions with you to understand your objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes. This enables us to create a tailored event strategy that aligns with your goals and sets the foundation for success.
  • Attention to Detail: We believe in meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of event management. From venue selection and logistics to production elements, décor, and attendee experience, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that every element is well thought out and executed flawlessly.
  • Experienced Team: Our team consists of experienced event professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We have skilled event planners, coordinators, designers, technicians, and other specialists who work collaboratively to deliver exceptional results.
  • Vendor Management: We maintain strong relationships with trusted vendors and suppliers. Through effective vendor management, we ensure seamless coordination and timely delivery of services, allowing for a smooth and efficient event experience.
  • Adaptability and Problem-Solving: We understand that unforeseen challenges may arise during an event. Our team is adept at quick problem-solving and adapting to changing circumstances, ensuring that any issues are resolved promptly without compromising the event’s success.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Open communication and collaboration are key to our approach. We maintain regular contact with you, keeping you updated on the event’s progress and seeking your input throughout the planning and execution phases. This ensures that your vision is translated into reality.
  • Post-Event Evaluation: After the event, we conduct a thorough evaluation to gather feedback, assess the event’s success, and identify areas for improvement. This helps us continually enhance our services and deliver even better results in future events.


By combining these strategies, Peanut Productions aims to create impactful, memorable, and successful events that meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to client satisfaction ensure that your event is a resounding success.


Yes! Peanut Productions is your trusted end-to-end event management agency, overseeing every aspect of your event with meticulous attention to detail. From registration and group travel arrangements to content, budgeting and beyond, we handle all components of your event seamlessly. Our experienced team ensures smooth logistics, engaging content creation, and effective event management to deliver exceptional experiences. With a comprehensive approach, we take care of venue selection, vendor coordination, attendee registration, and all the necessary logistics. Trust Peanut Productions to manage your event from start to finish, leaving you free to focus on your objectives while we handle the rest with expertise and professionalism.