Virtual Road Show

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
Virtual Road Show

If ever there was an event that spoke to our capacity to manage quick scope change, this was it!


Early in 2021, we started to see a major shift across corporate Australia with a focus to re-engage with face-to-face events. Together with Coca Cola Euro Pacific Partners (CCEP), our partner of over 10 years; we began planning a national roadshow for over 1,500 staff. This was an important roadshow as it was created to communicate the new ownership structure of the company, shifting from Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) to CCEP.

The Ever-Changing Landscape:

By July Sydney was starting to lock down, with other parts of the country to soon follow suit. The decision was made to shift the event from face-to-face to virtual, with a plan to host all speakers from a centrally located studio and broadcast to the team nationally. As we busied ourselves with this change, LGA’s around NSW were placed under harsher lockdown restrictions, before all of Melbourne closed.

Ensuring a Resilient Event:

Again, the decision was made to find a safer and resilient way to continue with the event whilst maintaining integrity, key messaging and a high level of engagement. Two weeks prior to the event the format was changed. It would now be delivered remotely prom each presenter’s home with a total of six speakers all broadcasting from different locations.

To ensure a seamless and professional experience, each presenter was provided with a ‘Presenter kit’ which included;

– a laptop – which was remotely controlled from our AV HQ;

– a lapel microphone;

– beauty light; and

– bonded internet to guarantee a strong and consistent connection.

The Peanut team conducted comprehensive rehearsals with all presenter, and during the event intercut seamlessly between speakers; remotely connecting each presenter to their slides to control at their discretion, whilst our team played the related videos and layered graphics. In addition, we simultaneously connected the presenters virtually on stage for a panel discussion and Q&A segment.

To deepen engagement, all 1,300 attendees were sent an ‘event box’ which included product samples, snacks, merchandise and key items that were to be opened at specific moments of the event as directed by the presenters.


Overall, the event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from CCEP, with many of their team recommending two virtual events per year.

But don’t take it from us, here are some of the post event survey results:

· Over 74% of respondents rated the event Excellent or Exceptional

· Over 96% of respondents said they were open to participating in virtual events in the future

· The overall experience rating (including operations); information shared, live stream experience, and the event box was 8.74 out of 10

If you’re looking for an engaging and safe way to host your events whist effectively communicating your message, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. There’s no nut we can’t crack!

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