Cabrini Donor Lunch

Cabrini Donor Lunch
Donor Lunch


With the onset of COVID-19, Melbourne’s Cabrini Private Hospital, undertook a major refurbishment to transform all twin share patient rooms throughout the hospital to single patient use rooms. To help support the cost of these works, the Cabrini Foundation chose to reach out to its top tiered donors for financial support. Normally, a face-to-face lunch would be held where senior leaders from the hospital would directly engage with donors.

At the time of planning, Melbourne was in an extended lock-downany face-to-face interaction impossible. It was therefore decided to proceed with an online virtual solution. The Peanut team, utilising its ‘fully immersive platform’ created an online graphically designed looking restaurant environment from which to host the event. On each virtual table a key member of the Foundation hosted guests. At the commencement of the event, guests logged on, were guided to their virtual table and were then able to interact via face-to-face video with all other guests at their table. They were also able to table hop and interact with other attendees as well.

When it was time for speeches, and MC was brought to the virtual video stage enabling a screen take-over and then speakers, including Cabrini’s CEO, Sue Williams were incorporated into the live broadcast. Due to the lock-down, all speakers were brought into the live stream from their homes by our technical team.

To further enhance the event experience, the Peanut team worked with the Cabrini Foundation in sourcing and delivering lunch to every guest’s home to be enjoyed together during the event.

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