Gala Dinner 2019

Bank of Melbourne Foundation
Gala Dinner 2019

Gala Dinner 2019

Peanut Productions was privileged to be appointed as the event partner for the Bank of Melbourne Foundation’s Annual Gala Dinner, with direction to focus on the use of strong and powerful messaging, event design and emotive content. A further key event deliverable was to strike the balance between producing a highly prestigious event for 1,500 guests worthy of the $10,000 per table price tag; alongside the fundamental aim of generating as many funds as possible for the Foundation

Peanut Productions was responsible for the creative ideation ensuring the vision of the approved artistic brief came to life at the event. We were entrusted with end-to-end delivery, building a unique and beautiful environment memorable for the guests beyond the night.

To create a powerful canvas from which to communicate Bank of Melbourne’s key messages the team built a powerful LED double screen on the main stage that profiled key creative visuals throughout the evening. These visuals mirrored the event’s creative assets across all digital surfaces which included four 6m high hanging fabrics suspended from the ceiling on which we projected relevant abstract imagery.

The event’s theme ‘enchanted forest’ was illustrated by utilising the colour palette of Bank of Melbourne’s branding to deliver a visually and dynamically beautiful event identity. This theme ran throughout the entire event from the invitation, to creative video visuals and event styling. This was brought to life through a series of large-scale floral installations interconnected throughout the event space and suspended over the guests.

The primary challenge the team faced was turning the iconic Melbourne Town Hall into a fresh and dynamic space. Taking advantage of the impressive 18m high ceiling and a theatre styled balcony around the perimeter of the venue, we built and suspended floral installations and projections throughout the height of the venue to create a sense of scale and a more contemporary feel throughout the room to match the Bank of Melbourne brand.

Peanut Productions was proud to work with Bank of Melbourne to raise over $500k funds for their Foundation, a hugely successful result! In addition to the funds raised, the charities received high profile exposure on the night; increasing their brand awareness. This resulted in future opportunities being floated, enabling them to be in a stronger position to be able to deliver on their key objectives.

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