Award Winning

Award Winning
7-Eleven Extraordinary Spirit Awards

This event was awarded Best Australian Virtual Corporate Conference, Congress or Exhibition 2021
at the Australian Event Industry Awards.

At the completion of each calendar year 7-Eleven host an awards ceremony for all employees. Prior
to 2020 this was conducted in person, however due to Covid 19 this event was conducted virtually.

The event the most significant on the 7-Eleven calendar, with five major awards presented to staff
who have gone ‘above and beyond’ during the year. After delivering this event in 2020 and a separate
award winning 7-Eleven event, our brief from 7-Eleven was to take the event beyond anyone’s
expectations and imagination.

To reach the level set out in the brief, our team worked with 7-Eleven and our supplier partners to
deliver five awards through a live broadcast as per 2021; however this time we incorporated an
incredibly powerful WOW moment into each presentation, ensuring attendees would be on the
edge of their seats for the full hour of the event.

With members of the senior leadership team broadcasting from a central studio; awards were
presented live at various locations with the use of drones, a marching band, magicians, flash mob and
even a sky writer! All of which surprised and delighted the winners and the 700 guests watching the
event on the fully immersive virtual platform that was bespoke designed for the event.

The event was truly memorable and showcased how the Peanut Productions team can take our
clients vision to a new level. This event pushed the boundaries of online possibilities, and across the
breadth of the industry we do not believe that any other award events have been like this one.

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