Experiential Marketing - Callaway vs Lamborghini

The Event

A filmed activation pitting the new Callaway Diablo Octane driver against Lamborghini in the ultimate test of superior speed over 300 metres. This experiential marketing stunt was designed to attract media attention to the launch of the new Diablo range of clubs. The connection between the two brands was their mutual use of an innovative lightweight carbon designed to enhance performance.


Our objective was to create and film a live activation that would position Callaway as an aspirational brand alongside luxury brand Lamborghini and create media-worthy content around the launch of Diablo Octane.


A key challenge with any media stunt is ensuring you capture the right footage and can turn around the content quickly to maximize exposure. In order to streamline this process we worked with a trusted professional team to be on standby to receive raw footage and package it into quality, media-grabbing content ready for broadcast. Working to tight timeframes it was crucial to have a strong understanding of desired outcomes from the client and to communicate this to our filming and editing teams. To ensure the content reached the networks for same day coverage, couriers with motorbikes were on standby to deliver the goods.


The activation ran seamlessly but the true success was measured by the extensive media coverage that followed with footage featured on same day national news across Channels 7, 9 and 10 and internationally on the US Golf Channel. The activation also received international coverage across numerous golf websites and print media and had 200,000 hits on YouTube.

Watch the video...

Raising a Hand for the Raise Foundation

We recently had the honour of producing a brand video for the Raise Foundation. Raise works tirelessly across Australia to positively and proactively impact the wellbeing of young people at risk of disengagement across the country. The scope of work the Foundation undertakes is quite phenomenal with over 3,400 young people having been mentored by approximately 2,400 volunteers from communities all over Australia. This year alone, there are over 1,100 young people benefiting from Raise’s programs but the need is for the Foundation to grow much larger to be able to help young people across all Australian high schools. To do this, over 15,000 mentors need to be mobilised throughout the country. It’s a huge undertaking but the need is real and it’s urgent. More young people in Australia die of suicide than by any other cause!

Sometimes, asking for what you need or what you want in business is difficult. We worked closely with Raise’s CEO, Vicki Condon to help hone in what is needed for the Foundation to grow and better serve Australian communities. The genesis for the video was to help with the ‘ask’ and to build a strong and emotional story around why the need is so great. Getting to know Vicki and her husband Leon personally allowed perspective on what needed to be done. The skills we hold at Peanut in storytelling helped us develop a video that could convey the story that needs to be told and clearly articulate how people can help. The video is being used across all marketing and sponsorship channels as well as being a powerful call to action at fund raising events. 

Peanut’s ability to help create content that can tell compelling brand stories and then to build the events around those stories is what sets us apart. Being able to do this in partnership with an organisation as important as Raise makes doing what we do, something a lot larger than video production.

Watch the video below.

Bank of Melbourne Foundation Gala Dinner Fundraiser

The Bank of Melbourne Foundation is in the business of raising valuable funds for Victorian charities striving to help the financially disadvantaged step out of adversity and realise their full potential. For three years now, the Foundation has held a gala fundraising event at Crown’s Palladium. The event is fully funded by the BoM and all funds raised go straight to the charities that the Foundation supports. 

We were privileged to be invited to help reinvigorate the event and to deliver a stronger, more powerful message to the audience to help maximise the best financial outcomes for the Foundation. As well as this, we were launching a new brand for the bank as it went from BoM Neighbourhood Fund to BoM Foundation.

We believe events are about storytelling across all of our senses. Done well, we have the potential to encapsulate people in our vision allowing them to momentarily immerse themselves in a world of our creation. How we choose to convey each key moment of the experience is integral to reaching meaningful communication with our audience.

So, what was our approach?

Firstly, we needed to create a powerful canvass from which to communicate key messages. Working with our close and trusted audio visual partners we built a massive 10m wide LED digital screen made up of 5 independent sections all of which could play content individually or merge to become one massive screen surface. We built a series of beautiful and relevant branded videos that graphically brought the new brand to life and creatively represented Melbourne throughout the evening. 

Working with 3 of the key charities the bank is supporting through 2018 we produced a video that brought their stories to life. In this 3 and a half minute video we explored who the charities are, what they do, why the need for them exists and what they need to continue supporting the disadvantaged within their communities.

Relevant entertainment at an event can often be a challenge. For this event we wanted something special that spoke to community values so we partnered with the MSO and aligned with their unique initiative, ‘Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Pizzicato Effect Ensemble’. The Pizzicato Effect is the MSO’s flagship community music program which provides free string instrumental and musicianship tuition to children living in some of Melbourne’s most socially challenged economic regions. The result was an outstanding performance of 16 young people performing with six of MSO’s world class musicians all under the watchful eye of company’s Artistic Director and Head Conductor.

As part of our creative styling we created a colour palette using light to bring the bank’s brand colours, shapes and motifs alive across the ceiling and walls and built an 11 metre x 8 metre installation of varying sized balloons over the central part of the room.

Success is in the outcomes and in this case the money raised on the night… A hugely successful outcome that will go straight back to service communities and people in need throughout Victoria. Thank you for your trust and faith in us Bank of Melbourne and thank you to all who attended, had a great time and gave back.

You can watch the video here.

Why have a Service Agreement?

Raising the topic of a Service Agreement with a client can sometimes be an awkward issue to tackle. After all, no one likes to feel that there could ever be a need or reason to have legal protections in place. It’s much easier to shake hands, have faith and trust that everything is going to roll out perfectly on the event. We know that sometimes we've felt uncomfortable about handing over a Service Agreement to a new client, but apart from that personal awkwardness we believe it’s the most responsible document for both parties.

So, why is a Event Service Agreement the most responsible document for both parties?

  • It clearly solidifies the framework of the professional relationship between client and event agency.
  • It provides clear dates for progress payments. These payments are necessary to ensure the right level of cash flow is in place to keep the event rolling forward with deposits for venues and other relevant payments to third party suppliers.
  • It ensures transparency for all parties and allows others that are not necessarily privy to the client agency relationship access to clear information on what has been agreed to.
  • It outlines a clear description of what the services being provided are.
  • It shows how the calculation of fees are made up and outlines any other charges as well explaining the parameters around scope change (check out our blog on scope change here).

When we provide our clients with an Event Service Agreement, what we're really giving them is our commitment with legal assurances, that we're going to deliver exactly what we pitched


It started with a Peanut

Along the way, many people have asked us, why "Peanut" Productions... where did this name come from and what significance does it have to an events agency? 

Read it first hand from our Creative Director Michael below. 

So, what’s in a name? Every journey begins with a first step. Mine began some 20 years ago producing fashion parades, which led to an event producing career across Australia and the world, working with some of the biggest brands on the planet. That journey then led me some 15 years later, to establishing my own Event Company.

For some time I was stuck on a name for the venture. It needed to be something that captured the spirit of what we would become and what we would stand for. It had to be playful and creative but most importantly it had to mean something, stand for what and who we are.

Around the same time that I was searching for inspiration my sister had received the wonderful news that she was pregnant with her first child. This was probably the most exciting nine months of our family’s lives and this birth was to be the first for a new generation of our family. During the initial ultrasound the doctor showed Michelle her little baby to which her first reaction was, “Oh my God, it’s a little Peanut.”

From that moment on and until well after her birth that word stuck and Peanut became the nickname of our beautiful little Mia. That little Peanut is today, a boundless bundle of energy with tremendous potential. She epitomises everything that Peanut Productions represents.

An amazing opportunity to engage and excite.

A wonderful celebration of life!
— Michael Mostrodimos

Well there you have it... from the birth of a little peanut sparked the birth of the events agency we have today. 

Event Planning - Creating your own venue

When you’re in the business of creating unique event experiences, sometimes you have to pull out the big guns and start from scratch. Sometimes, what’s out there just doesn’t fit the bill. We had an experience like this for a large multi-national client. Being no stranger to regular events, the client felt it was time for something quite different, something quite playful, unusual and bespoke for their annual national internal rev up.

The Problem

Our audiences for each event to be held around the country would number from 300 people in the smaller cities to over 1500 once we hit the east coast. Somehow one size had to fit all!

Catering was also another consideration to be turned on its head. It was felt conventional catering didn’t quite sit right for this client’s diverse demographic. No more canapés, no more bite sized petit items for this national team.

“So Peanut, what’s your recommendation?” Following some initial head scratching that light-bulb moment started to flicker and the all those years of hard event planning started to pay off.

The Solution

We decided to hire a massive contemporary circus tent that could be quite easily scaled up or scaled down in size with the addition or removal of some of its structural supporting poles. First we had to approach inner city councils around Australia and ensure the correct infrastructure was available to house our venue. Then we hired a team to not only build a giant tent, but also mark out massive areas of public land and check for pipes and irrigation… everything had to be perfect, compliant and safe! Finally, multiple generators were brought in to power such a massive audio visual and lighting extravaganza (gotta make that power point presentation sing!), toilets, heating and in some cities air conditioning, furniture and fridges (to name but a few of the key items). This was not a simple task.


With catering, we tried to make this fun, interactive and engaging. Having such a large canvass to work with and with not being tied into a venue’s catering restrictions, we brought in a number of food vans into the tent and guests were able to roam from van to van enjoying scrumptious offerings from tacos to sliders to gourmet burgers to choc covered snow cones.

Overall, an amazing and unique experience for all, us included!

Sometimes, we just need to step outside the box and when we do the magic just starts to happen!

The Power of Great Video Production

When it comes to marketing, there is a lot of talk around content creation and how it drives and generates results… So, why not turn your next event into a key part of your social media campaign?


Do you know how much video production content you can create from an event?


We’ve built our business on unique and exciting content for events and brands. Strong, emotive content can help tell your brand’s story. In a live event environment these messages can become larger than life and help give that ‘hairs standing on end’ sensation that creates real and genuine engagement. Content at your event and the overall event experience can be repackaged and reutilised well beyond the event. 

Take a look at this video, we produced it and played it on a 20 metre long screen to launch ‘The Power of 100’, a book created by Westpac coinciding with the 100 year celebration of International Women’s Day.

How to Find the Right Venue for your Event

Finding the right venue for an event may not be as simple as following a yellow bricked road. As an event agency, selecting the right venue or location can be one of the most important decisions in the success of great event planning. Staying on top of new venues is what our clients expect and what we demand of ourselves.

The venue and subsequent additional costs it covers like catering and beverage can have significant impact on the overall budget and can really influence the direction and the over-all performance of the event.

It can be the hero or the villain and will most definitely leave an impression, good or bad that will last well beyond the event.


So, what do we look for when selecting an event space and location?

  • It needs to provide the starting point from which the desired outcome can be created.
  • Parking and easy access to taxis and public transport.
  • The right events team at the venue is imperative. It is the venue’s event manager that will ensure all of our requirements and requests are dealt with throughout the relevant venue departments and teams.
  • Great service must always be at the forefront of the guest experience. Anything less will just leave a negative experience.
  • Easy access for the various suppliers we’ll need to bring on board to help create a unique and beautiful experience.
  • More often than not, we will need a venue that will allow us to transform its space for our creative objective. Therefore, working with a venue and team that is open to finding solutions and thinking outside the box is really important for us.
  • Flexibility in tailoring the event for the event brief rather than being pushed into a conventional venue package is imperative to ensuring a bespoke and relevant experience.

Or you could give us a crack!