How We Generate New Business

Can I just get something really important out of the way straight up? I hate sales.

I hate trying to sell to people and I hate the idea of being that person on the other end of the phone trying to get into someone’s ear who probably has just as long a ‘To Do List’ as I do. I was never born to be a salesman and I’ve avoided it at every turn, relying on prayer (just kidding), word of mouth, repeat business and from wowing people attending the events we produce. Of course, all of the above is not a strategy and it took me a long time to really accept that the only way to really capture new business was to put myself out there.

There are so many methods and theories on how to go about creating a sales strategy but what I’ve learnt is two very important approaches in helping me to generate new business:

  1. Give – It doesn’t matter how good I think our service or product offering is, it’s all about what the prospective client thinks and the only way to give anyone the confidence to trust us is to give them a sense of what we can do. Therefore, knowing who I’m approaching and having a clear understanding of their products and brand allows me to give teasers of what we’d love to do for them. There’s nothing like giving a authentic taste of what you can deliver when given the opportunity. For example, we love to be creative and to conceptualise from the ground up. That gives us the scope to walk in with an idea of what we’d love to do and to create visuals and words that brings the idea to life.
  2. Be yourself – We are social beings and we tend to work and connect with people that we like and relate to. Therefore, I think it’s absolutely vital to just be ourselves in a way that is true and genuine. Who we are may not appeal to everyone but we don’t have to. We just need to connect to the people that we’re naturally suited to and in turn that will allow us to create the right relationships with the right people.

For me, there is no greater reward than having given my best for people that I genuinely connect with. It’s that kind of authentic connections I seek in business and enjoy.

Year of the Monkey - Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  We've has just come off our 5th year running of the Westpac Chinese New Year national Road Show.

Year of the Monkey has been a playful and exciting theme to run with. Our brief this year was to incorporate both traditional with contemporary. The result, a series of truss structures throughout each space creating a web like series of lantern canopies above guests heads. Ticking the contemporary box, we created a digital activation on each of the truss with upright vertical LCD panels featuring cheeky monkey video animations. From monkeys climbing trees to swinging from branches.

Our client at Westpac gave us great scope and trust this year to really push the event to a new level. An outstanding result that we’re all really ecstatic about.

Now, to next year and the Rooster, cockle doodle do… here we go again!!!

The Event Pitch – How much to you give?

What’s the line between giving too much or supplying too little?

Imagine this… A potential new client approaches you with the prospect of an exciting project that you’d love to be event planning. You’re eager to pitch and make a strong impression but how much do you give in the pitch? I’ve had countless conversations about this that mainly revolve around how to best protect your intellectual property. Formulating a thorough and cohesive event pitch can require quite a bit of work and effort and once you put it on paper or hit ’send', what happens to all of that IP that you’re pretty much giving away?

In my opinion, if the lead is solid and the potential client someone you really want to work with, then you’ve just got to go for it, give it your all and keep a healthy and positive attitude toward the outcome. You can’t control what people do with your IP but if you’re not prepared to put it out there and show people confidently what you can achieve for them, then why expect anyone to take that next step and hand over their project to you.

I believe you’ve just got to take chances and put yourself out there. If it’s not this one, then it’ll be the next, or the next. Every pitch we do  makes us better, stronger and more competitive.

Don’t believe me?… then let us pitch

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