Experiential Marketing – Callaway Vs Lamborghini

The Event

A filmed activation pitting the new Callaway Diablo Octane driver against Lamborghini in the ultimate test of superior speed over 300 metres. This experiential marketing stunt was designed to attract media attention to the launch of the new Diablo range of clubs. The connection between the two brands was their mutual use of an innovative lightweight carbon designed to enhance performance.


Our objective was to create and film a live activation that would position Callaway as an aspirational brand alongside luxury brand Lamborghini and create media-worthy content around the launch of Diablo Octane.


A key challenge with any media stunt is ensuring you capture the right footage and can turn around the content quickly to maximize exposure. In order to streamline this process we worked with a trusted professional team to be on standby to receive raw footage and package it into quality, media-grabbing content ready for broadcast. Working to tight timeframes it was crucial to have a strong understanding of desired outcomes from the client and to communicate this to our filming and editing teams. To ensure the content reached the networks for same day coverage, couriers with motorbikes were on standby to deliver the goods.


The activation ran seamlessly but the true success was measured by the extensive media coverage that followed with footage featured on same day national news across Channels 7, 9 and 10 and internationally on the US Golf Channel. The activation also received international coverage across numerous golf websites and print media and had 200,000 hits on YouTube.


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