Events Are About Storytelling

Why do companies have events? Although we often think of events being about champagne and canapes that’s obviously not why companies spend thousands of dollars on entertaining their customers, media, staff and leads.

Sometimes we forget about why we do things and end up acting out of habit without really thinking through our motives and drivers. Whenever we sit down with a client and start taking a new brief, we’re always thinking about, what is the core message here, why are we creating this event, who is it for, what is the desired outcome?

At their core, events are really about storytelling – a story that is a fully immersive sensory experience!

How do we want people to feel?

How do we want to communicate with them?

What do we want them to hear?

What do we want them to see?

These are all very powerful considerations that when used sharply and with precision, can truly align brand to audience.

Almost all of our daily interactions with other people are done via our devices. So often we forget to look up from our screens and remember how we truly connect.

Does your brand have a message that it wants to express authentically and genuinely? Do you want to stand out from the ever scrolling news-feeds and bombardment of messages constantly taking up the ethereal space around us?

Tell your story with the power of real connection and engagement. Build trustworthy and real relationships with those you want to engage. Allow your message to come alive with the power of events and brand activations.

Welcome to Peanut. We are a Melbourne and Sydney based Event Agency. We are passionate and we love to create experiences that emotively connect brands to people.

Don’t be shy, there’s no nut we can’t crack!

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