Why Have A Service Agreement?

Raising the topic of a Service Agreement with a client can sometimes be an awkward issue to tackle. After all, no one likes to feel that there could ever be a need or reason to have legal protections in place. It’s much easier to shake hands, have faith and trust that everything is going to roll out perfectly on the event. We know that sometimes we’ve felt uncomfortable about handing over a Service Agreement to a new client, but apart from that personal awkwardness we believe it’s the most responsible document for both parties.

So, why is a Event Service Agreement the most responsible document for both parties?

    • It clearly solidifies the framework of the professional relationship between client and event agency.


    • It provides clear dates for progress payments. These payments are necessary to ensure the right level of cash flow is in place to keep the event rolling forward with deposits for venues and other relevant payments to third party suppliers.


    • It ensures transparency for all parties and allows others that are not necessarily privy to the client agency relationship access to clear information on what has been agreed to.
      It outlines a clear description of what the services being provided are.


    • It outlines a clear description of what the services being provided are.


    • It shows how the calculation of fees are made up and outlines any other charges as well explaining the parameters around scope change (check out our blog on scope change here).


When we provide our clients with an Event Service Agreement, what we’re really giving them is our commitment with legal assurances, that we’re going to deliver exactly what we pitched

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