Tangible & Virtual Interrupters

i’d like to take a moment to interrupt the usual broadcast around virtual events!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being brought into an impromptu tissue session with a very smart, deep-thinking client. Wanting to hold an event for top tiered customers, our client dreads the idea of inviting anyone to another ‘webinar’ styled gathering.

Enough of this one-way, two-dimensional broadcasting. Where’s the engagement, the human touch points that help connect and intertwine us? We need to create moments that jump out from the screen that build real and authentic experiences that surprise and delight. There are different ways to do this and we’ve broken them down into three distinct categories:

  • Tangible Touch Points
  • Virtual Touch Points
  • Interrupters


Just because guests can’t attend in person doesn’t mean we can’t give them a ‘real’ experience from beyond the screen. From shared meals, healthy snacks and energising concoctions to make your own cocktail kits to relevant event merchandise that become part of the unfolding encounter.


There are countless ways in which we can create curated activities, workshops and networking opportunities with the aim of bringing people together whilst apart. From truly relevant and timely postural alignment exercises to an array of mindfulness experiences to fun engaging whisky to wine tastings and celebrity chef cooking classes.


Sometimes you’ve just got to throw something out there that’s unexpected but well meant. We’re so entrenched in front of our screens that we’re forgetting to move, so Interrupters give a short burst of activity to help us reset and re-energise.

We’re constantly looking at ways in which to make deeper and more engaging connections in this new events landscape. If you’re looking for new ideas, feel free to contact us!

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