Stay Active And Connected Through Virtual Events

Imagine you’re a company whose team members thrive on physical activity. You’re about to engage your team in a 2-day conference, however you’re bored of the usual online team building activities. You want to do something interactive and compelling that will set up the team for the day ahead.

Enter, Peanut Productions.

We arrange a morning run where guests can run together virtually, via Augmented Reality (AR). We send your employees AR glasses, which allow them to run alongside an Avatar to keep them company, whilst setting the pace.

When guests return home after their run, they open up their app to see their own augmented heart come to life – learning about the behaviour, beats and blood flow during the run and the effect that the run has had on their heart.

Alternatively, let’s challenge your staff with a training mask. Not as intimidating as it looks – the training mask is design to up the ante and intensity of your workout. It works by mimicking high altitude conditions with less oxygen to encourage your body to produce more red blood cells that results in greater muscle efficiency for faster results.

If skipping is the preference, sending each guest a Smart Rope is a way they can work out together whist at home. There are LEDs in the rope and magnetic sensors that log your data, monitor your burnt calories and the length of your workout. There are also recommended plans and the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to compete against friends.

If your conference is hybrid or onsite at a venue, we create a 10-metre augmented wall to stimulate a city marathon whereby guests can immerse themselves visually into the middle of the marathon. Guests are able to post to their socials to maximise engagement and promote brand, key stakeholders and sponsors.

Physical interaction and engagement are the key to the success of any virtual event and we have a plethora of ways to make your brand come to life.

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