Safety & Hygiene Protocols For Events Update

Peanut Productions is closely following all Government and key industry guidelines and we’re constantly monitoring developments to establish a set of protocols we will follow for all future events. We are committed to the safe and compliant planning and delivery of all our projects and the comprehensive COVID training of all staff involved in these protocols.

A COVID-19 event safety plan will be created in consultation with all key stakeholders, all suppliers, contractors, event staff, our dedicated OHS officer and our selected venue.

The safety plan will be professionally audited and, once approved as being fully compliant, will feature key requirements of all stakeholders to safely execute the event, including and not limited to the following:

Communications Plan

(this will outline key attendee requirements including those required by government);

  • Pre-event registration of all attendees
  • All onsite guests must have downloaded the COVIDSafe app prior to arrival
  • Agreeing to a temperature check on arrival
  • Not attending if having a fever or feeling unwell in the lead up to or the day of the event
  • Agreeing to abide by the safety plan put in place at the event.
  • All guests agree to a no-touch policy

Temperature Checks

  • State of the art thermal imaging will be used and guests will be scanned as they walk through the entry doors upon entry.
  • A registered nurse will be onsite and will provide immediate and discreet support for any attendee, staff or team members presenting with an elevated temperature. The nurse will safely isolate, counsel and facilitate the safe and appropriate transfer of the guest from the event to the closest medical facility for testing.


  • All guests will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entering and exiting each space (event space and bathrooms included).
  • Should guests feel the need, they will be invited to wear a mask.


  • When selecting the venue for the event, the venue will be chosen based on suitability for the appropriate spacing guidelines and distance requirements and will provide their independent safety plan including guest safety, food safety and hotel guest management. This plan will be professionally audited alongside and to include within the event plan and will include (but not be limited to):
  • No-touch sanitiser stations installed around the venue
  • Staff to wear gloves and masks with concierge/ registration/ information desks to be fully equipped with perspex screens and hand sanitisers.
  • The venue to undergo extensive and intensive cleaning and sanitation training or trained sanitation teams to be brought in. There will be dedicated event cleaning teams onsite for all event rooms, traffic areas and bathrooms.
  • Posters, clear signage and floor markings displaying the importance of physical distancing and hotel measures.
  • Ensure adequate and best practise ventilation

Traffic Management

  • a traffic management plan will be put in place for the safe entry, exit and movement of all attendees throughout the conference to ensure appropriate social distancing remains in place at all times.
  • Toilet Attendants will be situated outside both women’s and men’s toilets managing the safe flow of guests in and out of these areas.

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