Raising A Hand For The Raise Foundation

We recently had the honour of producing a brand video for the Raise Foundation. Raise works tirelessly across Australia to positively and proactively impact the wellbeing of young people at risk of disengagement across the country. The scope of work the Foundation undertakes is quite phenomenal with over 3,400 young people having been mentored by approximately 2,400 volunteers from communities all over Australia. This year alone, there are over 1,100 young people benefiting from Raise’s programs but the need is for the Foundation to grow much larger to be able to help young people across all Australian high schools. To do this, over 15,000 mentors need to be mobilised throughout the country. It’s a huge undertaking but the need is real and it’s urgent. More young people in Australia die of suicide than by any other cause!

Sometimes, asking for what you need or what you want in business is difficult. We worked closely with Raise’s CEO, Vicki Condon to help hone in what is needed for the Foundation to grow and better serve Australian communities. The genesis for the video was to help with the ‘ask’ and to build a strong and emotional story around why the need is so great. Getting to know Vicki and her husband Leon personally allowed perspective on what needed to be done. The skills we hold at Peanut in storytelling helped us develop a video that could convey the story that needs to be told and clearly articulate how people can help. The video is being used across all marketing and sponsorship channels as well as being a powerful call to action at fund raising events.

Peanut’s ability to help create content that can tell compelling brand stories and then to build the events around those stories is what sets us apart. Being able to do this in partnership with an organisation as important as Raise makes doing what we do, something a lot larger than video production.

Watch the video below.

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