New Financial Year, New Budgets..

Traditionally this is the kick off period for the corporate sectors planning for the festive season. But the big question is, will that big ugly virus make the silly season the cancelled season or will we find new and inventive ways to celebrate and connect?

We’re in the business of bringing people together so we’re determined to continue doing so safely and innovativley regardless of the challenges and obstacles in our way.

We’re going to unpack this a lot more next month but we’ve been tuning in to some novel ways from around the world on bringing people together. From a resurgence of the 50’s classic drive into your own personal igloo or even floating around in a community of inflatables.

We live in Australia and one thing we have a hell of a lot of is ‘space’ and great weather! Put the two together and our great big backyard has the potential to present hundreds of unique and safe event spaces.

We’re going to share a bunch of ideas on how to still bring our teams together at the end of this ridiculously tough year over the coming months so if it’s something you still want to achieve, then reach out and let’s make sure the end of 2020 is going to be a big and silly affair for all the right reasons!

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