Let An Event Agency Manage Your Next Event

There are a number of good reasons why business events should be put into the hands of professional event producers. That said, over the years we’ve come across two predominate tribes of thought from corporate Australia when it comes to their approach to events…

The first is, get the experts in to conceptualise and end-to-end deliver an outstanding experience executed professionally and seamlessly. The second way usually ends up with a junior staff member having a nervous breakdown. All the while the senior leadership team wonders why they ever thought delegating a complicated task with multiple moving parts and stakeholders to manage was a good idea to begin with. Putting a project in the hands of someone not adequately supported with the appropriate tools to succeed can not only lose the businesses message at the event, it can also prove to be a very expensive mistake!

Events are dynamic, exciting and powerful opportunities to communicate and engage. They’re also hard (really hard) to get right, and often what looks amazing and seamless to attendees is due to the incredible work of many talented people layered across many roles and disciplines.

What we do revolves around“a moving feast of parts all coming together to align and synchronise harmoniously and seamlessly”.

Well, that’s what your event should look and feel like. If it’s not, then we definitely think you should keep reading then give us or any other reputable events agency a call.

So, if you’re wondering ‘why’ you should pay all those event management charges that come with working with a professional agency, consider the following expertise which are fundamentally what you’re paying…

    • Experience, knowledge and creativity to bring your vision (no matter how dry or convoluted) wonderfully to life


    • Budget expertise – any budget handled by a professional, well equipped and versed in their industry knows how to ensure the right price for the right requirement, by the best supplier or partner for the job. From audio visual, to the right drinks package, to the best venue; this all costs a lot and having the right team on board ensuring due diligence to all those third-party costs is invaluable


    • Experience, knowledge and creativity to bring your vision (no matter how dry or convoluted) wonderfully to life


    • Access to a wide range of trusted suppliers and partners to ensure the best people with the best experience are working on your event


    • Time management – a good agency with a great team know how to effectively manage their time and effort; ensuring you’re only paying them to do what it is you need them to do: ensure the success of your event!


    • An understanding of and access to cutting edge technology and audio visual. Want to make your audience go ‘wow’? What and how you use technology can make the ultimate difference to your messaging. Remember, it’s the ‘content’ that you usually want to ensure they walk away with


    • Managing risk. Events are fluid, contain multiple moving parts, and bring together lots of people and third-party suppliers (both front of house as well as behind the scenes). Ensuring risk is managed safely and compliantly across all these stakeholders is paramount to success


    • Resilience – COVID has taught us how resilient events have needed to become; to maintain their relevance through this time in our lives. A good agency will have a strong resilient events approach. Want to know more about this one, click here to be redirected to the Peanut Resilience page.


    • Creativity – getting the right vision and working with a team that understands your brand, your business needs, and can bring those elements to life dynamically and creatively for you are an invaluable supplier (I mean) partner!


We could go on, but think you’ve probably got the message. Want to know how we can take your event to a whole new experiential level? Reach out, at Peanut Productions, there’s no nut we can’t crack.

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