Interactive Live Streaming At Events

Last year, we had the opportunity to work on an event for a global company, in which we created an interactive experience by linking their Head Office in the United States with their teams in Australia and New Zealand.

Working closely with our technical team in Australia and the Head Office in Michigan, we were able to create an event that transcended distance seamlessly. We accomplished engagement that went both ways in real time. It was a remarkable experience allowing the Australia and New Zealand teams to have an authentic and deeper connection with their global counterparts by experiencing a virtual tour of key R & D technologies that they’ve only ever had the opportunity to read about in the past.

From virtual tours to live Q & A’s, both sides of the globe were able to fully come together as if they were in the same room. At our end, three camera positions ensured everyone at both sides of the Pacific were getting to see all that was on offer.

All of this was managed and put together by our team at very reasonable cost. To help put it into context, it would have cost more to have flown two people to the US to experience this first hand than it was to create the experience for a team of 150 people.

The world is getting smaller and smaller and the ways in which we connect are getting smarter and more reliable. I believe that utilising technology to further our event capability by creating interconnectivity is only going to continue to build momentum. Companies ready to move into this area and utilise these technologies are going to create greater connections between their teams located across different regions, whether interstate or across oceans. These are exciting times for how we can create and present events.

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