How To Find The Right Venue For Your Event

Finding the right venue for an event may not be as simple as following a yellow bricked road. As an event agency, selecting the right venue or location can be one of the most important decisions in the success of great event planning. Staying on top of new venues is what our clients expect and what we demand of ourselves.

The venue and subsequent additional costs it covers like catering and beverage can have significant impact on the overall budget and can really influence the direction and the over-all performance of the event.

It can be the hero or the villain and will most definitely leave an impression, good or bad that will last well beyond the event.

So, what do we look for when selecting an event space and location?

  • It needs to provide the starting point from which the desired outcome can be created.
  • Parking and easy access to taxis and public transport.
  • The right events team at the venue is imperative. It is the venue’s event manager that will ensure all of our requirements and requests are dealt with throughout the relevant venue departments and teams.
  • Great service must always be at the forefront of the guest experience. Anything less will just leave a negative experience.
  • Easy access for the various suppliers we’ll need to bring on board to help create a unique and beautiful experience.
  • More often than not, we will need a venue that will allow us to transform its space for our creative objective. Therefore, working with a venue and team that is open to finding solutions and thinking outside the box is really important for us.
  • Flexibility in tailoring the event for the event brief rather than being pushed into a conventional venue package is imperative to ensuring a bespoke and relevant experience.

Or you could give us a crack!

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