Event Planning – Creating Your Own Venue

When you’re in the business of creating unique event experiences, sometimes you have to pull out the big guns and start from scratch. Sometimes, what’s out there just doesn’t fit the bill. We had an experience like this for a large multi-national client. Being no stranger to regular events, the client felt it was time for something quite different, something quite playful, unusual and bespoke for their annual national internal rev up.

The Problem

Our audiences for each event to be held around the country would number from 300 people in the smaller cities to over 1500 once we hit the east coast. Somehow one size had to fit all!

Catering was also another consideration to be turned on its head. It was felt conventional catering didn’t quite sit right for this client’s diverse demographic. No more canapés, no more bite sized petit items for this national team.

“So Peanut, what’s your recommendation?” Following some initial head scratching that light-bulb moment started to flicker and the all those years of hard event planning started to pay off.

The Solution

We decided to hire a massive contemporary circus tent that could be quite easily scaled up or scaled down in size with the addition or removal of some of its structural supporting poles. First we had to approach inner city councils around Australia and ensure the correct infrastructure was available to house our venue. Then we hired a team to not only build a giant tent, but also mark out massive areas of public land and check for pipes and irrigation… everything had to be perfect, compliant and safe! Finally, multiple generators were brought in to power such a massive audio visual and lighting extravaganza (gotta make that power point presentation sing!), toilets, heating and in some cities air conditioning, furniture and fridges (to name but a few of the key items). This was not a simple task.


With catering, we tried to make this fun, interactive and engaging. Having such a large canvass to work with and with not being tied into a venue’s catering restrictions, we brought in a number of food vans into the tent and guests were able to roam from van to van enjoying scrumptious offerings from tacos to sliders to gourmet burgers to choc covered snow cones.

Overall, an amazing and unique experience for all, us included!

Sometimes, we just need to step outside the box and when we do the magic just starts to happen!

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