Event Innovation In Hesitant Times

Earlier this year, all of Australia came into a unified lock-down. At that time we were effectively still one country under one system. How different it all feels today with some states returning to what could almost be a pre-pandemic normality while others go into a second lock-down and effectively become shut out from the rest of the country.

As a business which works on a national scale delivering business events and conferences for corporate clients, navigating each of the state and territory laws and guidelines, which are updated and changed regularly) is quite a challenge. A challenge which we are up to if it means we can slowly and safely start delivering our core business offering again.

One of the greatest challenges we face is how we can provide a premium and equally engaging event experience across audiences in different regions which may not be allowed to congregate together at the moment?

Our solution has been in the development of hybrid event experiences. We’re starting to see an up-take in events being held live by following social distancing in the more ‘open’ regions of Australia whilst we broadcast that event experience to attendees in the more ‘closed’ parts of the country.

To further enhance the experience of our hybrid events, we’ve added satellite options – hosting smaller live events simultaneously whilst incorporating the virtual broadcast to attendees across the country who are unable to attend. This type of event structure ensures we minimise attendee numbers for maximum safety whilst creating an innovative and dynamic experience by streaming in to multiple locations and speakers to create a powerful and fast moving experience.

I feel blessed to be living in a country where we are safe enough to be able to focus our attention on finding new and engaging ways to rise above the current situation. We are seeing some extraordinary innovation coming to the surface through this surreal and uncertain time in our lives.

If you’d like to explore some of these solutions with us, we’re ready to reimagine your next event experience.

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