Development Of Safety & Hygiene Protocols In Preparation For Return

In order to host safe large business gatherings in the near future, event agencies alongside venues will need to enforce safety requirements outlined by the government. We’ve been scouring online resources across multiple industry bodies and government recommendations and we’re starting to see some consistency around what these requirements may look like.

Here are the key changes we’re starting to get ready for as an industry and the things that the team at Peanut Productions are preparing for, to ensure our full support of the safe execution of events moving forward:

    • Thermal scanning looks to be a must have security feature all attendees will have to abide by.


    • A sanitation policy and its stringent implementation is going to be must. A successful sanitation policy is going to need to enforce the following key requirements:


    • Social distancing and protective equipment


    • Temperature checks and other testing


    • solating and contact tracing


    • Sanitation and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas


    • Policies and procedures for workforce contact tracing following positive COVID-19 tests


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