Business Events Vs Mass Gatherings

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is the peak industry association for those in the business of trade and customer expos and events. The EEAA work to ensure industry growth by encouraging high standards, promoting the professionalism of EEAA members and highlight the unique business opportunities that exist through exhibitions and thier associated events.

The EEAA have begun a lobbying campaign to state and federal government on the key message of differentiating ‘business events’ from ‘mass gatherings’ and a timetable for re-opening. The distinction between the two is an important one. ‘Mass gatherings’ include, sporting events, festivals, concerts as well as unorganised gatherings in shopping centres, public parks and beaches. Participants attending ‘business events’ are usually B2B and focused on doing business, exchanging information, and sharing/ transferring knowledge. It is possible for these attendees to safely conduct business and to maintain safe distances from one another to achieve their business goals.

The EEAA’s position is that business events are well organised and if required every attendee can be traced as well as monitored and tracked and a series of measures that will ensure that events comply with Government measures on hygiene and physical distancing.

Summarised from EEAA article – click here to view.

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