Accolade’s Finest National EXPO

Accolade’s Finest EXPO brought together some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading brands under one roof.

With over 35 premium brands and 250 premium wines showcased, how do you get your customers and retailers across Australia to appreciate and experience such a wide range of products? The answer is simple, engage Peanut Productions to do the work and deliver the event for you.

The EXPO took to the road on a national tour to five key cities around the country in order to provide a platform where Trade consumers were invited to taste the premium wines on offer, as well as engage and interact with over 40 specialist wine makers from multiple regions.

Each Event Offered A Powerful And Unique Opportunity To Connect Products With Buyers And Retailers.

In each city, styled and themed Master Classes were scheduled, all presenting a new region and 6 varieties of wines to indulge in and experience. Brand Representatives exclusively selected guests to attend a Master Class which provided VIP access to a selection of the country’s leading wine makers. Some of these included House of Arras’ Ed Carr, Craig Stansborough of Grant Burge and Petaluma’s Andrew Hardy to name a few. Each Master Class provided an opportunity for great insight and knowledge for guests. Peanut Productions was on hand to capture the experience, filming these sessions for post event use on various marketing, social media and content channels.

To help promote and communicate the vast range of wines and brands on offer, we developed an exclusive mobile app, which was made available for use during and post the event series.

The mobile app provided the users with integral details of all brands and premium wines which sit under the Accolade portfolio by providing access to key information, descriptions, pricing and available vintages across the market. Additionally, the app allowed users to track and rate their wine tastings, add tasting notes, as well as network and connect with other buyers and users. Furthermore, attendees were able to click through to request offers and deals on specific products they were interested in, allowing Accolade Representatives to follow up, maximising the opportunity to build on brand awareness and generate further sales.

The complex nature of Accolade’s Finest EXPO and the expected onsite experience generated a multitude of pre-planning, communication, negotiation and complex logistical elements which required our team to meticulously manage the interchanging and unique requirements across 5 cities, and all delivered in quick succession.

We believe success is all in the detail and where legacy and great events are born. It’s in this arena where the team at Peanut Productions excel.

Click here to see pictures from the event!

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