Lunar New Year Banquet Roadshow 2018



Peanut Productions has produced Westpac’s premium Lunar New Year roadshows for over 7 years. This year we wanted to recognise Westpac’s special connection with the Chinese community and celebrating the contribution in which they make to Australia’s cultural diversity by creating a true fusion of China and Australia.

We celebrated diversity and inclusion by hosting the Lunar celebration at iconic, modern Australian restaurants. Every menu was carefully curated by the team of Executive and Head chef’s from across the country which included; Luke Magnan (Glass Brasserie), Richard Ousby (Stokehouse), Pat Cheong (Silks), John Leverink (The Boat House), Scott Huggins (Penfold’s Magil Estate) and Jake Nicholson (Blackbird). Entertainment remained traditional, including the effervescent lion dance and a special performance by internationally acclaimed Australian-Chinese soprano, Shu-Cheen Yu. 

See below images from the Melbourne & Sydney events.