Let an Event Agency Manage Your Next Event

There are some companies out there that think they can save money by planning their events themselves. This is not always the case. We’ve just started working with a company that thought this and for some time had been adding the role of Event Manager to some of their team as a bit of a side job for them, after all, how hard could it be right?

Well, it may not necessarily be hard but like all professions, there are specialised learnings that come with experience and strong industry contacts developed along the way. It’s these vital attributes that ensure our clients get the best prices. We know what to look for and what to ask to make sure that what we’re paying for on behalf of our clients is for what they need. 

The 'Must-Knows' of planning an Event:

  • A clear understanding of what audio visual is actually required is sometimes very different to what an audio visual company will quote you for. We have found many a saving for clients on this key budget line that is usually written up in quite technical language.
  • A strong event planning background brings with it a powerful database of suppliers. These relationships help save time and money.
  • Venue contracts can sometimes have as many pages as a novel. Having a clear understanding of what fine print to look for usually saves a fair bit of time and can result in cost savings for the overall event.
  • Most businesses try to upsell, that’s business right? Well, if you’re dealing with suppliers in industries you don’t usually have experience with, it’s quite possible that they will have an easier ability to upsell you on items that your event just really doesn’t need.