How We Generate New Business

Can I just get something really important out of the way straight up? I hate sales.

I hate trying to sell to people and I hate the idea of being that person on the other end of the phone trying to get into someone’s ear who probably has just as long a ‘To Do List’ as I do. I was never born to be a salesman and I’ve avoided it at every turn, relying on prayer (just kidding), word of mouth, repeat business and from wowing people attending the events we produce. Of course, all of the above is not a strategy and it took me a long time to really accept that the only way to really capture new business was to put myself out there.

There are so many methods and theories on how to go about creating a sales strategy but what I’ve learnt is two very important approaches in helping me to generate new business:

  1. Give – It doesn’t matter how good I think our service or product offering is, it’s all about what the prospective client thinks and the only way to give anyone the confidence to trust us is to give them a sense of what we can do. Therefore, knowing who I’m approaching and having a clear understanding of their products and brand allows me to give teasers of what we’d love to do for them. There’s nothing like giving a authentic taste of what you can deliver when given the opportunity. For example, we love to be creative and to conceptualise from the ground up. That gives us the scope to walk in with an idea of what we’d love to do and to create visuals and words that brings the idea to life.
  2. Be yourself – We are social beings and we tend to work and connect with people that we like and relate to. Therefore, I think it’s absolutely vital to just be ourselves in a way that is true and genuine. Who we are may not appeal to everyone but we don’t have to. We just need to connect to the people that we’re naturally suited to and in turn that will allow us to create the right relationships with the right people.

For me, there is no greater reward than having given my best for people that I genuinely connect with. It’s that kind of authentic connections I seek in business and enjoy.

Experiences VS Events

I’d like to think that we create experiences within events, not just events. To me it’s all about how we immerse an audience in a unique, multi sensory environment. Of course, this can sometimes be a challenge but that’s what we love, an opportunity to think outside the box and to create something that is memorable and that ensures people walk away feeling like they’ve been part of something special and exclusive.

We were recently given a great challenge, to recreate the experience of what it feels like to have a Coke all over again for the first time. The project was part of the Colour my Summer 250ml can campaign. So, let me see if I can rebuild the experience for you in words.

We’re in a giant circus tent in a surround amphitheatre environment. The room goes dark, a loud voice over starts to guide us on our sensory journey. The famous clicking sound of a can of Coke opening sets in motion a range of effects throughout the tent. Suddenly a 360º digital video wall comes alive with swirling black liquid followed by thousands of bubbles floating down from above the screen and over the audience.

The voice over directs the audience to reach under their chairs to share in a icy cold Coke and experience it for themselves.

By the end of the session, a dazzling light display brings the coloured can concept alive followed by four exploding streamer canons falling over the audience in the four can pack colours.

It was an amazing experience to be a part of. Of course, not all campaigns are going to be as big and somewhat overwhelming as Coke but that doesn’t mean that we won’t give our all to always create something that truly brings our clients brands and products to life in exciting, dynamic and always relevant ways!

Watch the event video here

Welcome to Peanut. We are a Melbourne and Sydney based Event Agency. We are passionate and we love to create experiences that emotively connect brands to people.

Don't be shy, there's no nut we can't crack!

Events Are About Storytelling

Why do companies have events? Although we often think of events being about champagne and canapes that’s obviously not why companies spend thousands of dollars on entertaining their customers, media, staff and leads.

Sometimes we forget about why we do things and end up acting out of habit without really thinking through our motives and drivers. Whenever we sit down with a client and start taking a new brief, we’re always thinking about, what is the core message here, why are we creating this event, who is it for, what is the desired outcome?

At their core, events are really about storytelling – a story that is a fully immersive sensory experience!

How do we want people to feel?

How do we want to communicate with them?

What do we want them to hear?

What do we want them to see?

These are all very powerful considerations that when used sharply and with precision, can truly align brand to audience.

Almost all of our daily interactions with other people are done via our devices. So often we forget to look up from our screens and remember how we truly connect.

Does your brand have a message that it wants to express authentically and genuinely? Do you want to stand out from the ever scrolling news-feeds and bombardment of messages constantly taking up the ethereal space around us?

Tell your story with the power of real connection and engagement. Build trustworthy and real relationships with those you want to engage. Allow your message to come alive with the power of events and brand activations.

Welcome to Peanut. We are a Melbourne and Sydney based Event Agency. We are passionate and we love to create experiences that emotively connect brands to people.

Don't be shy, there's no nut we can't crack!