What Makes a Great Event?

There’s nothing like a job well done and there’s nothing like a great experience. Whatever we do professionally, we all know that feeling when we know we’ve absolutely ‘nailed it’. It’s an amazing feeling and it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

If we were to dig a little deeper though, what makes a event Great? In my opinion it’s when all the pieces of the puzzle come together just as you pitched and just as your client expected from the pitch. After all, that’s what got you across the line to begin with. If I was to sit down and try to deconstruct a Great event though, for me there are a number of factors to consider:

  • No matter how hard or challenging it may have been to realise the event, the end result is how we envisaged it.
  • Guests have a great experience. For me, watching people start pulling out their phones and taking pictures of the set or overall event design is a great acknowledgement that we got it right.
  • Our clients success is our success. When our client is highly praised for the event I feel highly praised. It all flows on.
  • Theres nothing quite like all the elements coming together just as they’re supposed to on the Run Sheet. Sometimes though it’s about how we trouble shoot the Run Sheet when things (especially time) are not going as planned. Being able to think on your feet and find ways to bring the event back on track is highly rewarding, especially when no one is the wiser.
  • Social media has become so important at events. When you start trending you know you’re on the right track and that you’re client is starting to get the additional ripple effects of a great event.

And then there’s that one final great moment for me...

...It comes at the end of the event, sometimes hours after everyone has gone and I just let the whole experience wash over me. It’s an amazing feeling that makes everything we’ve gone through to pull it all off worthwhile. Accompanied with a  glass of good red, it’s a great way to finish a great event.

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