Raising a Hand for Sparkle Ball

A couple of months ago we produced an awards ceremony event for Coca-Cola Amatil called Partners for Growth. The event encapsulated the very best examples of collaboration between CCA and its key strategic supplier partners. It was a great event but what stood out for me was a powerful and moving speech by the Raise Organisation’s CEO, Vicki Condon. CCA in partnership with the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation provide support to Raise and CCA invited Vicki to the event to share the company’s vision and mission to its guests.

Raise works tirelessly across Australia to positively and proactively impact the wellbeing of young people at risk of disengagement in Australia. The scope of work the organisation undertakes is quite phenomenal with over 3,400 young people having been mentored by approximately 2,400 volunteers across communities all over Australia. This year alone, over 700 newly trained mentors are providing mentoring to 1,000 young Aussies. You can check Raise out here or support their the upcoming Sparkle Ball here which I’ll explain a little further down.

Research shows that focused mentoring can greatly improve a young individual’s confidence and self-respect. For teenagers at risk, mentoring has been shown to help reduce the risks as well as provide invaluable support around mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, teenage pregnancy, juvenile justice issues, homelessness, and poverty in later life.

What I discovered about Raise and what moved me to action is their commitment and passion toward making a difference! Here is an organisation working tirelessly and without pretence, inspiring ordinary Australians to roll up their sleeves to help young people truly in need.

So, where am I going with this? I’m very proud to say that as a team, Peanut is rolling up it’s sleeves to lend a hand too. We’re very excited to be working with the Raise team doing what we do and love best…. putting on amazing events that connect and inspire people. On Friday 8th September we’ll be working with Raise to put on a dazzling Sparkle Ball and deliver the highest return on fundraising to date. This Gala Ball will be held at Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom and hosted by comedian and actor Jean Kittson.

We are Peanut Productions, a Melbourne and Sydney event management company. We are passionate and we love to create experiences that emotively connect brands to people.