Innovation + Content = Success

Successful events are all about effective and powerful storytelling. We are all constantly being bombarded with information, most of it digitally, and usually at rapid succession. Just think of how many seconds you actually spend looking at just one post, one video, one news story, etc, etc.

Events are a unique and powerful opportunity to authentically engage with people for a much greater period of time. How you use that time is integral to your event’s success. For me, I measure ‘success’ by the level of engagement and connection.

What are the guests walking away with?

Have they understood what our key messaging was all about for the event?

Have they created an authentic connection with the key message and with the brand?

Gone are the days that an event’s success was measured by how exquisite the canapes were or how impressive the brand of champagne. Success is all about how well we’ve communicated and engaged and how we do this is integral to how well your efforts will resonate with guests during the event, later in the day, the next week, the next month, etc, etc.

Content is king but how we use content is the secret to success. Innovation is the tool that we use to showcase our content in ways that captivate, excite, and engage. Every event is an opportunity to discover a new way to share content creatively and uniquely ensuring that we always stay fresh and new. It is by always pushing the way we innovate at events that we give ourselves the best opportunity to ensure engagement and people’s attention. Of course having great content and ensuring your messaging is presented in a way that is clear and strong is vital but never lose sight of the fact that we’re all constantly being bombarded with content. How we use it is central to how it’s going to be received.

Don’t forget, Innovation + Content = Success

We are Peanut Productions and we are a Melbourne and Sydney based event management company. We are passionate and we love to create experiences that emotively connect brands to people.