Creating Amazing Moments & Experiences at Events

There’s nothing like being wowed, having your imagination go wild and being freed from the day to day. Events are about storytelling. Whatever you’re communicating, launching or selling, the success and depth of connection is how well you tell you engage your audience. We’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing equipment over the last couple of years that have helped us deliver outstanding event experiences. In particular, we’ve been introduced to an amazing suite of equipment and software called D3. Now I’m not going to get technical, I’m much more creative focused, (I still have trouble connecting my Apple TV to our home entertainment system.) But let me say this, D3 has allowed us to create presentations in a whole new and exciting way. The platform for video presentations has changed and the canvas is now pretty much any surface or shape you can dream up. Check out the link below to see for yourself.

The possibilities are quite endless and how we apply video mapping can be very specific and tailored to create amazing visual canvasses as a means of conveying unique story telling. Some of the visual examples in the links are quite intricate and focus on some pretty ‘big’ ideas but this technology can be delivered in ways that really help transcend conventional presentations.

We used video mapping over a 40m curved screen for the launch of Coke Life. With this technology we were able to take the idea of power point presentations to a whole new level, with multiple presentations playing simultaneously and independently of each other on different areas of the screen. The result was a dynamic and much more intriguing form of presentation holding viewer interest and engagement.

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