Creating a Lasting Event Legacy

If you have been involved in planning a large scale event you will know how much work goes into planning; before, during and after the fact, to ensure all the requirements merge seamlessly.

Creating event legacy is about successful event planning through every stage of the event’s process. It’s about ensuring your guests experience is flawless to the point that they’re fully immersed in the world that you have created for them. A guest will usually only notice something when it’s out of place, annoying or not quite right. All of these little things can add up to creating the tangible, take home experience. Before you know it, something completely irrelevant to the actual event or brand message may start to negatively impact the guest’s perception of that message.

From the moment an intended guest receives a ‘save the date’ or ‘invitation’, the engagement has commenced and that individual has started to either connect, disconnect or remain ambivalent to your desired event outcome. From that first moment, every step of the event journey is either an opportunity to bring the attendee closer toward the key event message or further away from it. Gone are the days where good champagne and peanuts were the measure of a successful event.


Understanding guest experience and their journey is paramount to creating a successful event legacy.


Your guests are now your ambassadors and how you leave them at the end of the event will determine how they will go on to either help further expand your message positively or negatively.

In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is that there is no detail too small that should not be considered, understood and implemented if it enhances the overall event and guest experience. Your event legacy is the core value you pass on, ensure it’s a legacy you’ll be proud of.

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