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Coke No Sugar & Keri Juice Launch


The internal national CCA launch of the Coke No Sugar and Keri Juice campaign was experienced by over 1500 employees across seven Australian cities, each housed in a unique warehouse environment with a sense of industrial or street appeal.  A large LED screen and two LED totem's sat as the centrepiece on stage, communicating the brand launch dynamically with a vibrant punch. Attendee's were taken on a Coke inspired journey through dance, costume and iconic soundtracks relevant to each sub category. Whether it was 'Let's get physical' for Diet Coke or 'Bring sexy back' with Coke Zero, we had the Potbelleez to pump out the tunes and keep the launch energised! 

Keri Juice introduced four new products and all were experienced through the live juice bar and brand ambassadors. The SAY YES campaign was a huge success and we are truly proud and honoured to be part of this new release.